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Flat, Curved & Gable Verandahs

A Verandah (or Veranda) is a roofed open-air gallery or porch; that is often partly enclosed by a railing, which continuously expands across the sides and front of the structure (simply described as a roofed platform along the outside of a house). Verandahs...

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Premium Merbau Timber Deck Construction in Braeside – Part 1

  Before   During   After There is a retired gentleman named Bruce who lives in Braeside MELBOURNE. In the early Nineteen Eighties Bruce purchased a 5 acre allotment with the view of having an Architectural designed resort style home constructed for his...

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Composite Deck Builders

Timber Decking Now is pleased to announce the launch of an all new website focused on our range of Composite Deck Building Services. This new website features the complete range of Composite Deck Building Services including... Recycled Decking, Plastic Decking,...

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Elite Custom Decks – Melbourne’s Premier Deck Builders

  The Timber Decking Now Group is pleased to announce the launch of it's new Premium Decking Service, Elite Custom Decks. If you are looking for a high quality Deck Builder in Melbourne, Elite Custom Decks is your best choice. We offer professional craftsmanship...

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Regular Decking Care & Maintenance

When planning to maintain your deck, remember to weigh the benefits of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional. You can take on many of these tasks as DIY projects but if you don't want to invest in materials or take the time to do the job thoroughly, hire a...

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Premium Merbau Timber Deck Construction in Braeside – Part 4

The results speak for themselves. The attention to detail becomes evident upon inspection. The thought process can clearly be seen in making certain that the cuts are 100% true. The corners and joins are checked and rechecked before installation. The slightest mistake...

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