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Timber Decking Now, specializes in quality Timber Decks, Poolside Decking, Composite Decking, Carports, Verandahs & Pergolas, Handrails/Steps & Outdoor Decking Projects.

Past completed Timber Decking Projects include…

Whatever your project, feel free to contact us for free advice or to arrange for us to come see you to provide you with a no obligation free timber decking quote.

You can also call us 7 days per week on Ph 0418 584 291 and as us how we can help add value to your home or investment property.

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What You See Is What You Get

On our website, any image you see is of a project we completed so you know when you contract us, what you see is what you get.

When shopping around for a competitive timber decking quote online, you may see works from a contractor you like. Make sure you ask them if they did the work displayed on their websites.

We proudly standby the quality and visual honesty of our website and can guarantee that everything you see here, was constructed by us over the past 12 years.

Whilst we accepts artistic license in the preparation (production) of company websites, we choose to decline the inclusion of ‘implied visual representation’ as a source of persuasive inducement.

What you see (here) is what you get…

Decking FAQ’s

As with any new outdoor timber deck building project, there are a many things you must consider before you start sourcing timber decking quotes.

  • Plan Your Decking Project Carefully
  • Deck Wood Selection
  • Choosing a Timber Decking Contractor
  • Purchasing Power
  • Experience
  • Client Referrals & Past Work

For more on this, visit our blog post on the Decaid website titled ‘Timber Deck Building – What You Should Know‘.


Merbau Decking Rebuild in Blackburn South

  When your team is doing a fantastic job on large projects, it's always a good idea to show your appreciation. This little deck rebuild in Blackburn South crossed my desk nearly two months ago. The owner was selling up and wanted to replace the aged tongue &...

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Flat, Curved & Gable Verandahs

A Verandah (or Veranda) is a roofed open-air gallery or porch; that is often partly enclosed by a railing, which continuously expands across the sides and front of the structure (simply described as a roofed platform along the outside of a house). Verandahs...

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Knoxfield Deck & Verandah

  In late March 2015 the Timber Decking Now Group received a call from David and Sue in Knoxfield Melbourne. David and Sue were looking to build a large deck and Verandah at the rear of their home. After a brief chat, Matthew, from our office arranged an...

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2 Luxury Trex Decks for 2 Luxury Units in Glen Waverley

  Glen Waverley in Melbourne Australia is a magnet to the Chinese community. Homes in "the head of the Dragon" (as it is known by International Chinese buyers) command premium prices. Therefore, astute developers are constructing upmarket developments to cater...

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Decking Safety

When built properly, your deck should last for years. That doesn't mean it will last forever without maintenance or repairs, though. Here's what to look for to determine when your deck needs maintenance.Common Deck RepairsTo ensure your family's safety, and that of...

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