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Timber Decking Now has extensive experience in designing durable solutions for the hospitality industry in the area of nightclub bars, dry bars, internal and external hand railing, alfresco decks, floor rises, steps and crowd barriers!

We have married this experience with our Timber Decks, Hand Rails and Steps. To follow is a small sample of projects completed over the past 12 years.

Stainless Steel Wire Inserts

Stainless steel wire inserts are a trendy addition when handrails are specified on new constructions.

The wire inserts are manufactured using SUS 316 marine grade stainless steel, which is custom assembled to length for each specific installation. Stainless steel wire inserts are popular in projects where…

  1. ‘Line of site’ is to be maintained.
  2. In coastal regions to resist the debilitating affects of salt laden moisture and wind.
  3. To create an unobtrusive barrier for the purposes of safety, ie elevated decks.
  4. To add a contemporary and modern atmosphere to outdoor living zones.

Balustraded Handrails

Balustraded handrails are a traditional style usually found on “period homes” such as the “Australian homestead” or weatherboard “cottage” homes. This range of handrails promotes the traditional warmth of “the White picket fence” and formal rose gardens with motifs and timber fretwork options.


Handrails need not be merely ‘Handrails’ They can also provide a convenient place to consume that barbecued sausage and beverage!

The addition of a ‘DRINK RAIL’ on top of the handrail will create an instant place for family and guests to “stand & eat” where seats are not available. Perfect for a relaxing chat and drink whilst keeping and eye on the kids, or simply providing a “standing and dining” convenience for all.

What about adding a ‘FOOT RAIL’ to your specifications? We all know that people love to rest their foot or shuffle about to remain comfortable whilst standing. The inclusion of a ‘Foot Rail’ stops that annoying issue of family, friends and guests unconsciously placing a foot on the bottom rung (and stretching) your beautiful SS wire, not to mention the dirt, grit and surface scratching that remains behind!

Deck Lights

A large and variable range of low voltage LED ‘Deck lights’ is available from your local lighting shop. The style and features of LED deck lights are numerous, therefore Timber Decking Now works on a ‘you purchase – we install’ (using Licensed Electricians) basis.


A functional set of steps need not be a boring essential! Why not consider a full width ‘Terrace Step’ or, include your deck finish as an overlay on your step treads so every aspect matches! Your new steps can be a real “feature” rather than an add on!
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